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Increase Revenue 10% in 12 Months

At Furious, we make understanding and acting on data easier and faster. Business and economies are too dynamic and complicated today to be navigated successfully with spreadsheets. Furious’ PROPHET platform provides sales and business teams with the confidence that price is optimized, always, for the right product at the right time.  


Enabling and empowering teams with price, product and customer data and insights is essential to foster the level of collaboration and participation required to transform pricing into a competitive advantage for a firm and manage profit. By providing visibility and using AI and data science to calculate and update prices on a frequent basis, Furious has seen a 10% increase in revenue in 12 months. 


Data doesn’t lie. Data tells a story. 


Furious is that solution, and we are here to help.

PROPHET is a purpose-built platform to help increase revenue, manage profit and optimize pricing by providing: 

  • Tools that automate the ingestion, cleansing and organization of your sales data to deliver actionable insights and reporting with ease

  • Core competence in data science and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in developing and continuously improving pricing optimization methodologies

  • Robust and easy to use reports that provide insights into customers, price, revenue and inventory

  • Automation and workflow tools to free up your team's time to do more in less time

New business challenges require new tools, solutions and partners to address your changing needs and to ensure that you are equipped to handle the challenges of dynamic and complex markets.

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