For media executives — especially CFOs and CEOs  — directives like these probably sound familiar:

  • “I want to see 10% revenue growth and 15% earnings growth.” 

  • “Our investors are pushing for better performance…or else.”

  • “No you can’t have more budget.”

The Power of Data in Media Selling

Earnings per share (EPS) and expected EPS growth are key influencers of share prices. This, in turn, generally drives success and compensation metrics in our companies. Three primary goals of any CFO are to increase revenue, increase earnings, and increase shareholder value. After years of working to achieve revenue and productivity gains, many executives feel they are running out of ways to make the next leap forward. After Six Sigma, lean methodologies or total quality management (TQM), what new approach can impact fiscal performance?

Our answer is intelligent reaction to the data your company already possesses. “Data is the new oil” may be a well-worn cliché, but it is a fair analogy. Oil takes many years to form and lies hidden beneath the surface. It is hard to find and costly to extract. Its use only comes into view when it is processed and refined … at which point it can power entire cities, manufacture plastics, and change day-to-day life fundamentally for those who understand it!

Like oil, your data has been created over many years. Much of it lies buried in your file cabinets, databases, spreadsheets, and the brains of your employees. It is almost worthless in its raw form. However, when managed with finesse, data becomes information that begets knowledge, wisdom, action and positive business outcomes. In other words: Data can be spun into gold.

In this “Spinning Data Into Gold” white paper, you will learn how to improve operational and financial performance through data science. You’ll find answers to key questions such as:

  • How can data provide better line-of-sight into demand, supply, and revenue forecasting?
  • How can data be used to optimize pricing?
  • What methods exist to help improve allocation efficiency and inventory utilization?
  • How can data be used to reduce makegoods?
  • How should rate card adherence be viewed in a world where rate cards are increasingly dynamic?

Download this white paper today to turn your data into insights that will significantly improve revenue and earnings performance and, ultimately, higher EPS.

Spinning Data into Gold 

How Data Science Improves Earnings per Share for Media Sellers

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