What are companies doing to turn their data into actionable information to increase revenue?

Your data is spread across multiple systems, which poses a significant challenge. For several decades, companies have invested in systems designed to manage supply and costs and drive efficiency, including:

  • MRP − Materials Resource Planning (Operations)
  • MPS – Master Production Scheduler (Operations)
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting (Operations)
  • ERP – Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (Operations)
  • SCM – Supply Chain Management Software (Operations)
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management (Sales/ Marketing)
  • CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote (Sales/Marketing)
  • Data Warehouses (Data/Analytics)
  • Billing Systems (Finance)

Many organizations still use spreadsheets to unify disparate data and look for insights. Unfortunately, building and maintaining spreadsheet models requires expertise. Finding actionable insights within large spreadsheets is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming. Even worse, spreadsheets are prone to human error!

Increase profit by marrying art and science.

Technology, data management and data science are finally coming together. Advances in technology over the past several years— especially cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science—have been remarkable. These innovations are enabling mid-sized manufacturers to augment their legacy and ERP systems with new, purpose-built technologies and applications that drive dramatic improvement in decisioning through sales process automation. 


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Spinning Data into Gold 

How Data Science Improves EBITA for Manufacturers

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