A 1% Impact in Price Has the Most Significant Increase on Profitability

FRC-The Impact of Profit Levers-V2

There are three major levers an organization can pull to maximize revenue and increase profit: 

  • Increase sales volume — how many units you are selling 
  • Decrease costs — both fixed and variable
  • Adjust pricing — what rate you charge 

Yet media companies continue to spend time and energy using excel to run increasingly complicated businesses in lieu of automating reporting and pricing to ensure they always have a source of truth on inventory and price that optimizes their yield.

By using data science and AI (artificial intelligence) to automate optimal pricing, you can increase efficiency, revenue and profit. 


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" ... the single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power. If you've got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, you've got a very good business. And if you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by a tenth of a cent, then you've got a terrible business. I've been in both, and I know the difference."

- Warren Buffett

Who This Is For

  • If you want to increase revenue and sleep easy at night knowing you’re going to make budget and crush your sales goals
  • If you want to motivate your sales teams so they’re excited to come to work and kill it
  • If you’re tired of taking bad deals and selling below last year’s AURs out of fear
  • If excel is still what you use for sales reporting, revenue management, and pricing.
  • If you feel like you’re at the mercy of the agencies or the buyers or the market and that someone else is always holding all the cards
  • If you no longer want your salespeople relying on dropping rates to win business and using their gut to make decisions with no data to back it up

The Furious Team hears the same frustrations from CEOs, CFOs, Heads of Sales, Sales Management, Pricing and Planning, Sales Operations and Sales Finance that we work with every day, across multiple sectors and have spent our careers tackling it from various directions.

Furious knows you can achieve as much as a 10% increase in ad sales revenue in as little as 12 months using data-driven revenue and inventory management tools. 

However, most media companies are not equipped to do this because legacy technology systems and spreadsheets can’t automate pricing using data and maximize yield.

Furious is the only company whose focus is on managing and optimizing yield for sellers of TV and premium advertising.


Hillel Rom, PhD
CTO & Founder
Ashley J. Swartz
CEO & Founder

Furious was founded in 2013 by Ashley Swartz, who had a background in manufacturing but had moved to media, and Hillel Rom, a former NASA rocket scientist who had started his own company building in-game video game advertising.

Ashley’s time in manufacturing was spent implementing enterprise resource planning systems software, which provides tools and software to connect and capture data to enable the automation of workflows across departments and business functions. These ERP systems increase visibility, eliminate confusion and mistakes, and create efficiencies that save time across an organization. When she moved into media, she realized that sellers of inventory, particularly in television, had nothing like these systems. Media companies rely on old, legacy traffic systems and spreadsheets to price and manage their inventory in a multibillion-dollar industry. While most other sectors and businesses were using technology to connect systems and infuse decision-making with data and analytics, TV was stuck making pricing decisions based on little more than gut instinct and emotion, using remarkably little hard data. 

She and Hillel posited that by harnessing the power of television sales data and applying data science, they could positively impact revenue by:

  • Putting inventory data in the form of actionable insights in front of sales and pricing folks every day 
  • Deriving optimal pricing (the RIGHT rate) using advanced media-specific data science algorithms
  • Tracking adherence to optimal rates and questioning the reasoning behind discounting to understand outliers
  • Applying machine learning and AI to make the system learn from human expertise and actual sales performance and get smarter with every transaction

Let us show you how the power of data and data science can be used to increase revenue, create efficiencies for your sales and pricing teams, and make your ad sales business thrive.


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