Who wouldn't want to have the insight to capture more revenue from customers entirely willing to accept higher than average prices? 

It's a big goal—and pretty elusive. So, how can you get there?


Cost-plus pricing models have often been built around the cost to manufacture a product. While this approach has been highly effective for managing margin, it only works when there is enough competitive advantage to set the market price for a product. 


Value-based pricing and competitive-based pricing (in addition to cost-plus pricing) equally put you at risk for leaving revenue on the table. These pricing strategies leave sellers at risk for undervaluing inventory.  


Reducing price variability and achieving sustainable increases in total revenue requires sellers to introduce automation in six areas of pricing and processes. 


"1% improvement in price has a significantly greater impact on profit than lowering operating costs or increasing sales volume." - AMR Research


There is a wealth of knowledge to be had from historical sales data and dormant intelligence.


This playbook will help you understand:

  • How pricing is determined today
  • Why modernizing your pricing process is essential 
  • The central role of automation 
  • How to automate pricing in three phases 

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How Automating Pricing Helps B2B Manufacturers Increase Revenue

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